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Providing Quality Appliance Repair Services in Irving, TX

We can help if you have an appliance in need of repair.

We offer low rates on all appliance repairs and maintenance. Our technicians have years of experience and are skilled in fixing appliances quickly and efficiently.

You deserve to live safely, comfortably, and economically. To schedule an appointment with us, or for advice on maintaining your appliances safely and efficiently at home, call us today. We are available 24/7 to provide emergency service for unexpected problems that occur outside of business hours and excellent customer service.

worker inspecting nonfunctional ceiling fan unit
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How can we serve you?
100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
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When you trust us with your appliance repairs, the job isn’t done until you say so.

Technician using multimeter to inspect a refrigerator

Refrigerator Repair

Everyone understands how important refrigerators can be in storing food. Our refrigerator repair services can fix any type of fridge issue to help keep your food fresh.
Handyman fixing a residential dishwasher

Dishwasher Repair

We offer dishwasher repair services to ensure that dishwashers run in peak condition. Never leave a dirty dish unwashed ever again when you call us today!
worker inspecting stovetop on residential oven

Oven Repair

Professional stove and oven repair services will help you avoid any mishaps or accidents. Make good food without worrying about any ignition or gas troubles when you call us now.
commercial oven in restaurant prep kitchen

Commercial Appliance Repair

Are you looking for a quick repair service for your commercial appliance units? We have got you covered with affordable appliance repairs for all your commercial needs.

Our Appliance Repair Company

Numerous commercial and residential properties are dependent on electrical appliances. These devices make our lives easier. But what happens if you have faulty appliance or appliance problems?

Our reliable appliance repair company offers repair solutions for all appliances. We hire only qualified individuals who are capable of diagnosing and repairing appliance malfunctions. Our repair team is composed of skilled individuals who have been trained to deliver the highest quality service.

We offer 24-hour emergency service for all your appliance repairs. No matter what type of repair you require, it doesn’t matter. Our team of skilled technicians will get the job done. You can trust our services to be on time and completed on time. You can get back to your busy schedules quickly and without worrying about the washer being damaged.

We guarantee professional and reliable service when you book your appointment with us. Our skilled technicians will come to you with all the tools and equipment needed. We will diagnose the cause of the problem, and we will address it accordingly.

Our experts are certified to work with major appliance brands. Our certified professionals can repair or replace any malfunctioning parts to enhance your appliance’s performance. It doesn’t matter if your commercial appliance units are damaged or your residential ones need to be repaired. Contact us to arrange for high-quality repairs for your major appliances.

repairman working on commercial heating system
My oven was on the fritz and I called Irving Appliance Repair to come out and help me with it. The tech who came out not only quickly identified the problem but also got right to work fixing it. He didn’t waste any time or try to talk me into spending money that I didn’t need to spend, which was great! When everything is running smoothly again, I know whom I will turn to first if anything else goes wrong.
Yolanda V.
I used to dread when my appliances broke down because I didn’t know how much it would cost or how long it would take to get them repaired. Thanks to Irving Appliance Repair, I was able to quickly get an appointment with one of their techs who got everything back up and running quickly, all while keeping prices low for me even though there were issues beyond just needing parts replaced. They’ve definitely earned my business!
Paula D.
I had ordered parts to fix my oven myself but ran into some trouble during the process. Unfortunately, I couldn’t reach anyone with the supply company, which left me with an oven that was completely non-functional. I called Irving Appliance Repair in a panic, and they dispatched someone to come out that same day. Thank you!
Horace M.

Our Appliance Repair Services

See below for more information about our top notch repair services.

Refrigerator Repair

Why spend your time learning about complex refrigerator components like temperature regulators? You can rest easy knowing that our expert repair crew will do the job right. Our team can work on many brands of refrigerators. No matter which model or brand you have, you can rest assured that our team will be able to handle your appliances.

Fresh food is a top priority for homeowners. It is why we hire qualified professionals who can do the job quickly. You don’t need to worry about renting a fridge, or buying an icebox. In just a few minutes, your refrigerator will be restored to its original state by our refrigerator repair service. It all depends upon the extent of the damage. It is a good thing that you can hire quality repair service to get better results. You don’t have any worries about getting in an accident. Refrigerator repair in Irving TX is a simple solution for you.

Our diagnostic fee is very reasonable, and it is a one-time payment. You don’t need to spend anything extra on the service call. After we arrive at your place, our technician will check your fridge and identify the problem. They will provide you with an estimate for the refrigerator repair before starting the work.

Technician using multimeter to inspect a refrigerator

Dishwasher Repair

A dishwasher plays an essential role in most households. It will help speed up the cleaning of dirty dishes and can even make the kitchen run more efficiently. Simply load it up with a powder or pod, and it does all the work in just a few clicks. It can also be damaged easily, even though it is one of the most reliable appliances. Dishwashers can fail a few times over their lifetime, just like other appliances. If your dishwasher is not properly maintained and taken care of, it may cause more problems than you think. Minor issues can be managed, but it’s still best to contact professionals.

Our skilled technicians can quickly diagnose the root cause. Our dishwasher repair experts can easily identify the key components that are causing your dishwasher to malfunction. Our crew will address the problem once we’ve identified the source of the problem. All issues can be solved by our team of experts using the complete range of equipment and tools.

Handyman fixing a residential dishwasher

Oven Repair

It doesn’t matter what age your ovens or stoves might be. This is especially true for newer models. It is always a good idea to repair your kitchen appliances. Sometimes all it takes to bring the appliance back to life is a few replacement parts. However, these tasks can be challenging and time-consuming. Our company has the ideal people to do the job. Our company can send professional people to look at your residential and commercial stoves.

We are certified professionals that can work with major appliance manufacturers. We can do over repair as good or better than new with our certified technicians. We will prevent any malpractice-related accidents. Our highly skilled specialists are qualified to provide complex repair solutions efficiently and safely. There’s no need to be concerned about the technicalities. Our crew will do the rest. You just need to relax and watch as your ovens come back to life.

worker inspecting stovetop on residential oven

Commercial Appliance Repair

Appliances play an important part in any commercial establishment, be it a restaurant, café, laundry shop, or another commercial business. Because of the large number of clients and customers that commercial appliances serve, they are more labor-intensive than residential ones. A broken machine can make it difficult to fix. As professionals in the business sector, we understand the importance of ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the entire process. It is vital to keep commercial appliances in top working order.

Our commercial appliance repair services are flexible and tailored to your needs. We can help you avoid losing your appliances. We will arrive on time for your appointment and work within your schedule. You can be sure that your professional crew members will arrive on time and be fully prepared for the job.

commercial oven in restaurant prep kitchen

Oven Hood Repair

Have you been looking for a professional oven hood repair company? Let us fix your Broan, Frigidaire, KitchenAid, or Kenmore. Our experts are trained to service most major brands and our services come with quick turnaround times!

We do oven hood repair services and our appliance repair technicians are trained to install your replacement oven hood or range hood after a fire if that is required. We also help you select the right placement for your stovetop cooker, range hood, microwave, or flat top grill. We have all the necessary tools and training to ensure your new appliance is installed correctly with no issues in the future because we know everything about kitchen ventilation systems. If you need assistance finding the right part for your appliance please call us on our hotline or message us on our website.

residential gas oven with coffee pot on burner

Residential Appliance Repair

The majority of households are dependent upon electrical appliances for daily tasks. Some appliances can also be beneficial. The use of heaters and air conditioners can help regulate temperatures in cold or hot climates. On the other hand, we also depend on practical items like dryers and washers.

Our company is committed to providing high-quality and compassionate home appliance services. Because we are locally-owned, our employees understand how to treat your items and show respect. You can trust our professional and courteous technicians to care for your loved appliances. Our deals are affordable and can help you save both time and money. Do-it-yourself repairs can be costly and time-consuming. Any machine manufactured by world-class brands is possibly be repaired by our highly skilled technicians.

Handyman fixing a residential dishwasher

Washing Machine Repair

Choosing the right washing machine isn’t as simple as focusing on price. It also matters what you put into a washer and how much of it there is to clean, but if you overload your laundry can become tangled or even torn in certain machines. Overloading a washing machine may damage the appliance, hence you will certainly need a washing machine repair service to fix it properly.

If you have a major brand front-load or top-load washer, our company can help with any type of repair. We fix most brands quickly and easily, including Whirlpool, Frigidaire Samsung, LG, and Kenmore. When your washing machine is acting up, you can schedule a repair appointment with us right now. We have many technicians nationwide that completed more than one million washer repairs in the past year!

repairman fixing wiring on side mounted washing machine

Dryer Repair

Your dryer might be working fine, but when it breaks down…don’t worry! We can fix any brand of appliance. Our company is committed to ensuring that clients get their home appliances fixed for good.

Dryers are one of the time-saving household appliances most people own today; they help with laundry duties at home since it’s faster than hanging up wet clothes outside or using an indoor line indoors. When these electronic devices break down and cause various irregularities like not starting up properly and getting too hot without heating.

Our appliance repair understands exactly what its customers need from them so they can work with their busy schedules. We use factory-recommended spare parts instead of low-quality replacements because poor quality results in faulty performance which causes inconvenience to both parties involved - us as well as the customer alike. Our team members are extensively trained on how different brands require individual testing procedures depending upon the size or type of issues encountered during the inspection process, therefore making this task easier than ever!

So if you’re in need of dryer repair service, don’t hesitate to call us now!

Repairman working on wiring of residential fridge

Appliance Maintenance

Proper maintenance is essential for appliances to last longer and avoid the need for costly repairs or even replacement. Regular maintenance helps keep your appliances in check to avoid sudden malfunctions. Our expert technicians can also diagnose and address minor mechanical issues. We can perform routine maintenance checks on appliances to avoid costly and inconvenient breakdowns.

Needing appliance repairs can be frustrating, but with our company, you can be assured that your repairs will be done quickly and efficiently. We understand the importance of having working appliances in the home, which is why we offer same-day service for most brands! With our convenient online scheduling, you can schedule a repair appointment that fits your busy schedule. Give us a call today to get started!

Technician using multimeter to inspect a refrigerator

Part Replacement

Because appliances have a life expectancy, malfunctions and breakdowns are common. These malfunctions can be repaired by our most skilled and certified experts in most cases. To restore appliances to their original functionality, we offer part replacements. To ensure safety and performance, my company only uses certified and premium quality parts. We deliver only the best part replacement solutions that you and your family deserve.

For instance, range repair often requires replacing the heating element. This is a common repair that our company completes quickly and efficiently. We understand that you rely on your range to cook meals for your family, which is why we offer same-day service in most cases!

Call us today to schedule an appointment for part replacement or any other appliance repair needs!

Contractor replacing water sensors on a residential washing machine

Hot Water Heater Repair

When your water heater breaks, you need to have it repaired as soon as possible. At our company, we provide 24-hour and next-day services for all types of plumbing issues including installation and replacement on both electric and gas heaters with years in the industry!

Alongside our hot water heater repair, we also offer water heater replacement, maintenance, and installation. Our professionals are skilled and trained to repair hot water heaters anytime and anywhere in the area.

At our company, we take pride in the extensive training programs that plumbers undergo and use this to give them a unique ability with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art techniques.

Unfavorable water heater repairs may be costly, so it is important to call a professional. Our technicians are available and stock commonly required parts for your convenience. We will diagnose the issue with you before ordering any replacement parts that might not fit your model or brand of appliance- however, some models require specific manufacturer’s replacements which can take time to arrive after the order has been placed!

Call us today to schedule an appointment for repair service! We look forward to hearing from you.

repairman working on commercial heating system
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Our Approach

We believe in delivering the highest quality results for our customers. Quality results at an affordable cost are what we believe is most important. Our goal is to make our clients happy with our work by offering professional advice. We welcome all inquiries and suggestions, as well as scheduling appointments.

We will be in touch with you shortly to collect the required information. You can simply email us with your questions, comments, and personal feedback. Or, you can book an appointment. Our team will respond to all of your appliance-related queries, including any quick fixes or possible solutions. If you have more complex problems, schedule an appointment with our team today.

We provide service in a timely manner and in an efficient manner to get your appliances running again in no time!

Frequently asked questions
Yes. It does not matter whether your home is residential or commercial. You should invest in maintenance if these appliances are a significant part of your daily life. These appliances are essential for our daily lives. However, you should not take them as a given. We must take care of these machines like all other things in order to ensure their longevity. Proper maintenance and care will ensure that your appliance lasts for many years. Regular maintenance can help you get the best out of your appliances.
To remove the fuse from the holder, you will need to open it. With a small screwdriver, you can access the fuse holder cover by opening the appliance. Examine the fuse for any obvious gaps or metallic smears. If you find a gap in your fuse, it is likely that the fuse has blown. This must be replaced in order to restore your appliances to working condition. You may not have a blown fuse. Your appliance could be malfunctioning. You should call a professional for the most appropriate solutions.

If you don’t have the necessary skills to repair appliances, it is a bad idea. This could lead to serious injuries. You can call a qualified and reliable appliance repair company to conduct a diagnostic and find the root cause of your problem.

The warranty you received when your appliance was first purchased will determine if the replacement can be made. However, if you are looking to replace an old appliance with a newer one, it will depend on your financial situation and whether you can afford to purchase a replacement immediately.

Depending on the model, appliances last about ten to fifteen year. Refrigerators and dryers may last for up to 13 years. Compactors and microwave ovens will last approximately nine years. Gas ranges are known to have a longer life expectancy of 15 years. These figures are not a complete guide. Appliances can eventually stop working after just a few years. This could occur due to poor care or mishandling. With regular maintenance and care, your appliance can live for longer.
It depends on which appliance it is and what kind of damage it has. You can fix some problems by simply restarting the computer and reprogramming its software. Other issues require more advanced repairs. Part replacements require that you pay for both the parts and the installation fees. Your appliance’s brand is also a factor in price. There are some appliance models that require replacement parts. Call us today to get a free estimate. We will be happy to help you with your appliance problems.
It depends on the appliance and type of damage. While we can address some issues by simply rebooting and reprogramming the system, others call for more complicated fixes. For instance, part replacements mean that you have to pay for the new parts and installation fees. Another factor for price consideration is the brand of your appliance. Some appliance models require specific parts for replacement services. However, we can give you a free estimate if you call us today. Simply tell our agents about your appliance issue, and we will try our best to provide a quote.
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